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How To Relieve Itching, Burning And Swelling Piles?

Many cases of hemorrhoids are benign, that means they come and go without doing anything about them. They are caused by swollen veins, much like varicose veins on the legs, but this time, affecting the anal-rectal canal tissues than can get distended by forceful bowel movements where hard passing of stools can strain and inflame the rectal veins.  


They could be episodic and can go away with the right foods and laxative to help in the bowel movement. But hemorrhoids can get seriously acute with blood and pain attending the stool passing. Unless corrected early, they can get worst enough to call for surgical help.


Hemorrhoidal sensation can come in the form of swelling, burning and itching with a palpable protrusion of anorectal tissues that you can feel with your hands when in the toilet.  


Pain and discomfort are always present in severe hemorrhoid cases:


Some form of swelling in the anorectal tissues can be painless even if there are blood spots on the stools. But for many cases, the swelling can be severely uncomfortable when sitting or walking as pressure on the inflamed tissues can be distressfully painful. Some people afflicted with one may require inflatable donut-shaped seats to preclude putting pressure on the swollen hemorrhoid tissue.


Inflames hemorrhoidal tissue can result in a burning feeling even without direct contact or pressure on it.


The burning sensation is often at the core of the hemorrhoid pain and can only be relived with over the counter medication or home medication like immersing yourself in a sitz bath where warm water in a tub or basin for at least 15 minutes can shrink the hemorrhoids and relieved the burning sensation.


Hemorrhoid sufferers tend to suffer an itching sensation in the inflamed tissue which if rubbed can cause ulceration and eventual pain. It is suggested that a topical Hydrocortisone medication be applied but doing so can be a problem as you need to touch the inflamed tissue.


Internal hemorrhoids can get relief with suppositories inserted into the rectal canal and usually takes an hour to get absorbed.  


For external hemorrhoids, a topical cream like Zenmed Ziro cream will often relieve the swelling and shrink the hemorrhoidal tissue as well.

Cure And Prevention

There is no known cure for hemorrhoids. You can only treat its symptoms.


Over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatments containing vasoconstrictors like Phenylephrine HCI can shrink hemorrhoids while those containing hydrocortisone can relieve the pain.  


Homeopathic or home treatments using herbal concoctions with witch hazel have been known to effectively relieve the pain and discomforts, swelling and other unwanted sensation associated with hemorrhoids.


Constipation causes hemorrhoids more than any. So preventing one means lessening your bout with constipation that require forceful bowel movements that inflame anorectal tissue veins. One sure way to prevent constipation is getting soft stools that easily pass through your colon and out the rectum. And you get soft stools by getting the right diet consisting of fiber-rich food and plenty of water. Fruits and veggies as well as diet supplements with Citrucel or Benefiber can do the job.  





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