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Hemorrhoid Surgery

When surgery for hemorrhoids is being considered, it means that the hemorrhoid has reached a level that is hard to cure.


Surgery, among other medical treatments is considered as one of the last resorts that can be considered as an option. Without a doctor’s recommendation, you cannot have surgery as a solution if your condition is not severe enough. This is because surgery is a very complex procedure and regardless of how good a surgeon is, there is always a risk of complication and failure.


In fact, surgeons themselves would not take on a surgical procedure unless they diagnose the situation as one that merits the needs for surgery.


On the other hand, if your doctor tells you that you need surgery, then you should consider that option heavily. Getting a second and third opinion also helps, but if you have multiple doctors all giving the same diagnosis, then it is time to start preparing for surgery.


As stated, doctors will not even recommend the procedure unless it is really necessary. This means that if a surgeon actually insists that a surgery be done, then that means that the situation is severe and the operation should be undertaken as soon as possible. Of course, with hemorrhoids, the sooner you act, the faster things will get much better.

Understanding The Need For Surgery

Hemorrhoidectomy - The Standard Surgery For Hemorrhoids

The operation for removing the hemorrhoids is called hemorrhoidectomy; which literally means just that. This operation is a simple, straightforward procedure. Still, all the basic pre-surgical procedures should be observed and undertaken to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


This step is taken for all Grade III and IV level hemorrhoids; this type of hemorrhoids is at a severe stage and should be treated immediately through surgery.

Planning Ahead and Preparing For Your Hemorrhoidectomy Operation

Surgeons go to the operating table with confidence that the patient has followed all the important instructions prior to the operation. Fortunately, preparing for the procedure is easy; the rules are few and easy to follow.


The first is to avoid smoking. This is to help regulate the functioning of your lungs in preparation for the anesthetic.


Your lungs will behave in a different manner when you are anesthetized, and having them in tip-top condition will help make sure that no problems happen. Your doctor will give you specific instructions about your medications; make sure you follow these to the letter as well.


Prior to your operation, you may be required to undertake several examination procedures. Chances are you have already done these as part of the diagnostic procedure, but in case you have not, make sure to take these procedures. Ask your doctor about which exams you should be taking.


The best tip is to talk to your doctor before hand so that your doctor can explain to you fully about the procedures and steps that will be undertaken. This will prepare you physically and emotionally for the procedure and help you alleviate some stress as well. When you know what will happen, the steps will not be a surprise to you and you can trust your surgeon a whole lot more.






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