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How to Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain At Home?


Hemorrhoids are caused by inflamed blood vessels in the vascular tissues of the rectal lining right before the anus. In their early stages, you won’t notice to have one unless you find blood spots on your stools. In many cases they last temporarily and will go away without the measures suggested here or any medication.  


In its advance stages, extreme pain and discomfort are present and may require surgery and other clinical procedures to give any lasting relief. There are still no known cures for hemorrhoids. Treatment consists of relieving the symptomatic pain and shrinking or excising the hemorrhoids.  

Relieving The Symptoms At Home

For the more common mild cases, there are prescriptive and over-the-counter creams and ointments that can relieve these symptoms and can be administered right in the privacy of your homes. Check with your doctor to be sure that they don not interfere with any existing medication you are taking.


In addition, homebound concoctions are quite common in treating hemorrhoid symptoms.  


To start off, you will need :

A bathtub

A hydrocortisone cream

Cotton pads

Ice pack

Baby wipes or moist towelettes

Some kitchen ingredient’s like witch hazel

High-fiber foods or supplements

Fruit or vegetable juices.


1. Warm baths are known to have a soothing and calming effect on your hemorrhoids.  Soak yourself in warm bath for 10 -15 minutes with raised knees on a bathtub. If you don’t have a bath tub, use a hand-held shower head with a nozzle that can stream warm water up your anus for about the same time. This is known to soothe inflamed anorectal areas.


2. Soak a cotton pad in witch hazel and apply this to your hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is known for its natural astringent properties that can shrink swollen blood vessels on repeated application. Some over-the-counter ointment or creams also contain witch hazel and other active ingredients that can constrict blood vessels. Preparation H is one.


3. Rethink your daily eating habits to ensure that you get sufficient portions of food rich in fiber.  That includes fruits, beans, vegetables and cereals. You can also have dietary fiber supplements to help produce soft roughage that pass easily in a bowel movement and prevent constipation.  Straining your rectal muscles during a bowel movement is known to induce hemorrhoid growth and if you already have one, can be a painful experience.


4. In addition, drink eight glasses of water each day. Supplement it with natural fruit or vegetable juices to further reduce the risk of constipation. Being constipated is the last thing you want when you have hemorrhoids.


5. Ice packs applied over your hemorrhoids are known to provide temporary relief from any throbbing pain as well as reduce inflammation of the hemorrhoid tissues. Do this for about 10 minutes with a family member applying the pack on your bottom as you lie face down.


6. Should you experience itching, do not rub or scratch your rectal area as this will only irritate your hemorrhoids and could break the skin to cause bleeding and infection later on.  Take your hydrocortisone cream and apply it over the area.


7. Thoroughly cleanse your anus after every bowel movement. But rather than use regular toilet paper, use those moist baby wipes or a bidet with which you can gently wash your anal area with soap and water. Then pat the area dry with soft cloth or towel.





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